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In 2015, I switched a MacBook. I did so even though I resolve Windows issues more often than I need to work on Macs. This has allowed me to be as productive as I could be.

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Go ahead and read the reviews about me. These online business reviews reflect various people’s experience with me. Or, write your own review of me on one of these review platforms.

Google G Suite

In 2009, I converted my first Small Business Server to Google Apps. I have been transitioning small businesses to G Suite ever since. Google Docs helps them stay organized and focused.

Cloud Solutions

G Suite vs. Office 365

I have implemented both G Suite & Office 365 for many different clients over the years.

For reasons that are not obvious to end-users, I prefer G Suite over Office 365. In my experience, clients often choose Microsoft without giving due consideration to Google.

If you are about to decide between G Suite & Office 365, engage your IT Support provider. This decision is too important to leave to them to figure out on their own.

Not only do I handle the transition to G Suite (for my clients), I also continue to support everything that I install.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, but it is not your only option.

Wix is a drag and drop builder, if you want to build your own website without hiring a website designer. But, WordPress also lets you create a website without learning to code.

The biggest drawbacks of using a website builder like Wix is that your website will not be portable. In contrast, with WordPress you can decide at any point to move your website to another web host.

Your website is your your intellectual property. Ensure that you remain the rightful owner of your domain and your website. Keep it portable!

Rather than build your own WordPress website, why not leave that to me? I have done it many times and I follow best security practices.

Own your domain and your website

Keep your website content portable

Protect your intellectual property

Free Antivirus

I promote using the basic free Bitdefender Antivirus program on Windows computers. I am happy to explain to anyone why it performs better than (even) its paid counterparts…

Most IT support providers resell some or other antivirus solution to their clients. I do not because I want to avoid potentially compromising my ability to put my clients’ needs before my own.

I definitely recommend using Bitdefender’s PAID antivirus protection on Mac computers. Why pay for Bitdefender rather than installing some free alternative? Because most other antivirus solutions impose an unacceptable performance hit on Macs’ performance.

My Blog Posts

Where to find reviews on

Where to find reviews on

You will notice reviews on all over the Internet. I have categorized them here your convenience.Norman Atterbury How much does your image matter? There’s no excuse for being unaware of your online footprint. In fact, it’s downright irresponsible.Your online...

Chrome Update 76.0.3809.100

Chrome Update 76.0.3809.100

Released on August 8, 2019 Google has released Chrome Update version 76.0.3809.100 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version addresses multiple vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to take control of an affected system. Make sure you are protected by the...

Chrome Update 76.0.3809.87

Chrome Update 76.0.3809.87

Released on July 31, 2019 Google has released Chrome Update version 76.0.3809.87 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version addresses multiple vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to take control of an affected system. Make sure you are protected by the...


Over time, my clients have reviewed me on several platforms. I have more than a dozen 5-star reviews on Yelp, for instance.

Here are two of those 5-star Yelp reviews.

I first got a hold of Norman last year to fix my aunt’s computer and my old one… He did a fantastic job… he was patient in answering our questions and is very detailed in his work…

He was fast and quick getting back to us what our problems were with each machine… we still continue to use his services… you just can’t find this kind of honesty and great work anymore.

Donna M. (Radway, AB) - Nov 7, 2018


Norman retrieved my data and fixed my laptop – when others told me both were lost! He knew exactly what the problem was and was confident he could fix it.

His turnaround time was quick, and he updated me every step of the way. He took the time to walk me through what he did and show me what I could do to prevent it from happening again.

He is absolutely my go-to support for all things IT from now on.

Rusveer G. (Toronto, ON) - Jan 6, 2017


Which is the best Online Backup service?

I recommend IDrive

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