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This amazing free protection against existing and new e-threats is quick to install. Being light on resources, it is the only antivirus you need on your Windows computer.

Finds Mac malware as well as Windows viruses for free. You can scan running apps, critical locations, a specific location or your entire system. Don’t pass malware along unknowingly.


Free lightweight Virus Removal and Anti-Ransomware tools to clean up viruses, trojans, malware and adware AND scan and block ransomware and crypto-malware.


This powerful tool detects all types of malicious software on your Windows computer (including viruses, spyware, rootkits and Conficker), and returns it to a working state.

Trend Micro

A free online scanner for Mac and Window that lets you quickly find new threats without getting in the way of the existing security software on your computer.


YubiKey from Yubico

Protect your digital world with multi-factor authentication. Get the world’s leading security key for superior security, user experience and return on investment.

Verify your YubiKey. Test and verify that you have a genuine YubiKey, and that it is functioning as designed. Insert your security key, click verify device and follow the instructions.


Website Reputation

Wondering about a website’s reputation? This free service reveals a site’s blacklist status, popularity and any relevant comments and reviews. Exercise your right too know when a site is legit or a potential scam.

This free service also helps you to uncover potentially fraudulent and malicious websites. For a second opinion, check the online reputation and safety of any website and know if it is implicated in malware or phishing.


Microsoft Windows

You can download a Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) to install or reinstall Windows 10. Note that the instructions include creating bootable installation media on a USB flash drive, so it could be a tad technical.

Once you have installed Windows, delete the temporary files. While these instructions cover doing that in all the versions of Windows, it is not safe to dabble in any Windows operating system that predates Windows 10.