Why use my service?

  • I do not cut corners which might compromise anyone’s digital information, for any reason!
  • As a minimalist, I would want to help you declutter your computing environment.
  • If you are ready to modernize you network and reduce your cost of technology ownership, talk to me.
  • Why not subscribe to my RMM Monitoring service?
  • If you live in Alberta (Canada), and have fewer than three computers, you could get my monitoring for FREE. For more than three computers, my regular monitoring fee is CAD 5.50 /device /month.

How did I get here?

  • It has been my passion to help clients transition to Google since 2009 when I converted my first Windows Small Businesses server to Google Apps.
  • I introduced Chromebooks to many of my clients, and they work very well for business users and those with free Gmail accounts.
  • In the distant past, I evolved alongside Windows (as an MCSE). But my personal laptop has been a MacBook Pro for the past few years already.
  • If you do not yet enjoy my brand of open-minded support, it will be my pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Open-Minded Support

  • I understand some people’s skepticism about Google being “just another monopoly”, out to track them.
  • I use Wasabi storage for my own data and that of my clients. With Wasabi, data is always sent over an encrypted connection, and remains encrypted while “at rest”.
  • I also implement Cryptomator storage vaults wherever it makes sense to do so, even though Wasabi is secure in its own right.
  • Doing so adds a secondary layer of security to Wasabi’s already secure cloud storage. I.e., it further encrypts files and filenames with AES 256-Bit Encryption in a vault.