Password Management

This PCMAG.COM article explains how to access all your passwords on all your Apple devices. If you let Apple’s Keychain create and manage your credentials, your passwords will follow you from your iPhone to your iPad, and to your Mac.

BITWARDEN’s free plan will always be free, and supports zero-knowledge encryption on unlimited devices, for unlimited passwords including passkey management. Their free plan includes core functions, such as two-step login security via Email, Authentication App & FIDO2 WebAuthn. And, their paid plans include two-step login security via YubiKey OTP & Duo.

Password Strength

This SECURITY.ORG tool checks passwords against a database of common weak passwords. It factors in the number of characters, combinations & uniqueness, to score a password. That score is then converted into the amount of time it would take a computer to crack your password. Their hope is that you would want to protect yourself with NordVPN’s password manager that comes with every subscription. My hope is that you will use Bitwarden’s password manager.