I love to implement G Suite

I have been transitioning small businesses to G Suite ever since converting my first SBS server to Google Apps in 2009.

Comparing G Suite to (free) Gmail

A free Gmail account is ideal for personal use. You can use any of the apps Gmail provides and have ownership of your files in the cloud. This sounds like a great deal, right?

Unfortunately, not. If you are running a business, you want your public image to be professional. You need full control over all the data created by all your employees. You need to be able to terminate an employee if needed, and retain control of their account.

If you have a small business, let G Suite provide you with a polished public image on your shoestring IT budget.

Do your staff revert to communicating to your clients via their own personal Gmail accounts? This behaviour creates a disjointed image to the outside world, signalling that your business is not functioning well.

I usually find this going on when employees have to make do with archaic internal email systems. You already know that poor email communication hinders real-time interaction with clients and suppliers. Therefore, unpredictable email flow ultimately hurts your business momentum.

G Suite empowers your staff to share corporate data securely, both internally and with external parties.

Why not consider the G Suite ecosystem so that we can declutter your digital life? Then you can take control in a way that free Gmail accounts will never allow you to.

A business person cannot just rely on every employee’s integrity, so don’t give away your power by default.

When your staff leave…

It is impossible to ask someone for their personal Gmail password because you need to ensure business continuity!

However, on G Suite, when someone is terminated from your company, their Google account’s password can be changed as they leave. Since they have a paid account, their account is your property.

You must retain their full email history and their cloud data. When their departure is less than amicable, G Suite is the smart way to ensure that your business does not suffer!

Adopting G Suite involves securely migrating your email (and other data) into Google’s cloud. The fact that I have handled similar migrations to Office 365 is exactly why G Suite is my preferred solution!

Google’s G Suite includes Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Keep, Hangouts, and other Google apps that you probably already love. Microsoft’s Office 365 includes Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Skype, and other apps.

Can you trust Google?

I love G Suite and the free version of Gmail’s 2-Step Verification because it keeps bad guys out, even if they happen to obtain your password somehow.

Google has a security-first mindset which comes from starting in the cloud. Their entire focus is to run their systems in the cloud and allow your various devices to sync securely to the cloud.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they fully understand the security implications of powering your business in the cloud.

Because Google and their enterprise services run on the same infrastructure, G Suite domains benefit from the protections they built and use every day.

Google’s robust global infrastructure, along with many dedicated security professionals and their drive to innovate, enables them to stay ahead of the curve and offer a highly secure, reliable, and compliant environment.

I am based in Calgary, AB.

I support users on Chromebooks, Macs, Windows computers and mobile devices. Personally, using a MacBook makes me as productive as I can possibly be.

As soon as Chromebooks came on the market, I started using one myself, then introduced them to many of my clients. They work very well for anyone on G Suite or free Gmail. When Windows 10 was released, I replaced my personal laptop with a MacBook.

I can monitor your computers

I monitor my regular customers’ computers. This way, I learn when their devices are heading for some technical trouble. Why not subscribe to my monitoring service? Once subscribed, you will get proactive notifications about your computers’ behaviour.

Why not be proactive?

You owe it to yourself to read more about my affordable monitoring here.

Contact me about my monitoring service, or to get more information about G Suite. Read more about the services I provide on my IT support page.

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