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On Windows computers, I actively promote using the basic free Bitdefender Antivirus program. I will be happy to explain why it performs better than its paid counterparts and why I do not resell Bitdefender’s other programs. Most IT Support providers resell some or other anti-malware solution, potentially compromising their ability to put their clients’ needs before their own.

On Mac computers, there is no way to avoid paying for the equivalent Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac app. Even so, it is better than installing some free anti-malware for Mac because of the performance hit that most solutions impose on Macs.

I provide IT Support to Calgary residents and beyond, including rebuilding PCs when malware has compromised them.

Cloud Solutions

I implement G Suite (Google Apps) & Office 365 and support everything that I install.

Based on my experience with both these cloud platforms, I prefer Google Apps over Office 365, but I urge you to consider which one suits your needs best. If you leave that decision to your IT Support provider, they will usually favour Microsoft.

Monitoring Service

This service represents a standard way used by IT Support providers to remain informed about the well-being of their clients’ subscribed computers in this day and age. Therefore, I also provide such a service, visit my IT Support page to see how you can get started and only pay CAD 5.50 /device /month.

Online Backup

Which is the best Online Backup service?

You will find overwhelming distractions when you dig into this subject on your own, and it can be confusing to evaluate them.

Since almost all IT Support providers resell some or other online backup solution, they are often not genuinely helping you to figure it out what is best for you, either.

It is tricky to know when you are getting genuine advice vs. when someone might be selling you their preferred solution because of its recurring revenue-generating potential.

I recommend IDrive outright for anyone who wants an independent backup solution that is both safe and straightforward to use. I suggest you start with their free solution if your data is less than 5GB, and wait for them to entice you with a ridiculously reasonable first-year offer to subscribe to more online storage.

I am happy to explain why none of Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox are backup solutions; they merely provide online synchronization of your data.

Storing backups on USB drives is a risky form of backing up your data!

If you want a corporate solution, I have a preferred alternative product that I am a reseller of.


While I refrain from drawing attention to existing installations, I do install IP camera surveillance systems & “self-monitored” Honeywell wireless security systems. Again, I support everything that I install.

Website Design

I started creating websites when some of my clients who were unhappy with their existing options. While I do not mention examples of WordPress websites that I built, I am happy to provide references if needed. 

Unbiased Help

I do not have affiliate relationships with Google or Microsoft which might translate into me receiving any portion of my clients’ paid subscription fees to them, as a commission to me.

Bottom Line

Being independent, I remain free to criticize either provider’s service.

While I prefer G Suite over Office 365, I am open to changing my mind. I will advise my clients to move to an alternative service if that becomes necessary or practical to do.