Update Windows 10

Windows should automatically check for the latest updates and security features. When any updates are found, these would normally be installed automatically.

Step #1

Click or tap on the Taskbar icon farthest to the right on the bottom of your screen, as shown above.

Step #2

Click or tap on All settings, as shown above.

Step #3

Click or tap on Update & Security, as shown above.

Step #4

Click or tap on Check for updates, as shown above.

Even if Windows claims to be up to date, you must check for updates again. Do this as many times as you need to!

At some point, your device will confirm that it is up to date.

You may have to restart Windows along the way, sometimes even more than once. Every time you log back in, check for updates again.

Do not assume that Windows is up to date until you have personally confirmed that this is the case.

Getting errors when trying to update Windows? See what Microsoft says about

fixing update issues