This is what I do…

I support Mac and Windows users day to day, and I provide limited Linux support. As a managed IT service provider, I use a remote monitoring platform to alert me about potential issues on my clients’ devices.

If you have fewer than three computers, you could use my basic device monitoring service for free. If you were a paying client, this service would come with responsive maintenance, and could be augmented with me doing your software updates. The Linux support I provide falls outside the capabilities of my remote monitoring service platform.

I design and maintain websites that suit the need of my clients. It would be irresponsible to provide too much detail here, since that could help a would-be criminal to profile my clients. Suffice to say, I secure the websites that I build and look after. I do that by being meticulous, and by following current best security practices to the best of my ability.

Websites based on WordPress are popular targets for hackers. They justifiably assume that many WordPress sites are poorly maintained. And, many are not sufficiently secured, because building sites seems to have become a “cottage industry”. Hackers do not usually succeed due to vulnerabilities in WordPress, but rather because of preventable issues, such as not keeping software up to date, or not using secure passwords and implementing MFA.

If your website was built with WordPress, you need to know that it is being looked after by someone who you can trust. Someone who is passionate about security, and diligent in following up on alerts. There is no such thing as creating a quick WordPress website, then sitting back while “the cash rolls in” because of some guru’s passive income formula. Criminals love neglected websites which they can repurpose for nefarious purposes.

I set up new Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) domains and support existing ones, whenever possible. But, since not everyone wants to use Google, I also provide Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) administration and support to my clients.

Norman Atterbury

You should not be thinking about your IT issues.

Wonder what PIPEDA (the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act Of Canada) says about how organizations must protect consumers’ personal information?

Since I live in the city of Calgary, I limit my travel to the limits of our fair city. Thanks to my RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) tools, I maintain some devices further afield.