Fatigue about all the ‘things that will get us’ is overwhelming… we are all sick of being told just how scared to be at any given time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your website-person reads security blogs and is passionate about staying ahead of potential threats?

The ongoing battle to keep websites safe is not your responsibility! That should be entrusted to competent people, who can host sites securely and keep them free from exploits.

Along comes that familiar whiff of the smell of ‘reality’ coffee…

Website admins must keep on top of emerging vulnerabilities such as those discovered recently in WordPress plugins such as the Easy WP SMTP and WooCommerce plugins, to name a few.

As a mere Internet user, you can’t stop critical Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities from modifying scripts or creating Rogue Admin Accounts on the servers and sites you frequent.

If a website that you visit often is being maintained by a lackadaisical team, it may have serious flaws that you would not know about.

You won’t be able to steer clear from danger, you will just assume the site is not evil (today).

If all web-hosting companies and site admins were made equal, then nothing would affect the quality of the attention being paid to website security…

If you own one or more sites that aren’t being looked after by someone who is fanatical about security, then your sites may not rate well in terms of security.

While low website security ratings could hurt your sites’ online reputation, an actually compromised site would be worse.

It could be your introduction to vast monetary suffering to come…

Don’t be led down the garden path, thinking your site is safe when it may not be so. You need someone who strives to respond to potential threats immediately.

I believe that any potential fallout from the sites which I had built and/or maintain, would hurt my reputation even more than it would my clients’ reputation.

🥁… I am fanatical about security. 🎶

Norman Atterbury