What is free monitoring?

As a proactive system, Watchman monitoring provides system warnings. You will free get access to MrIT.ca’s paid monitoring platform, no strings attached.

I have been using this monitoring tool for a long time. And, it has never caused issues on any Macs or Windows computers to my knowledge.

Monitoring explained:

Terms & Conditions

  1. After this offer expires, future monitoring of your subscribed computer(s) remain free to you.
  2. This offer expires at the end of 2019, if I don’t stop it sooner (see below).
  3. If I receive an overwhelming response, this offer will end sooner.
  4. You must live in Alberta to qualify for this free service. Or give me a solid reason why I should let you on my Watchman monitoring system, if you live elsewhere.
  5. As a free subscriber, you will not pay the regular CAD 5.50 /device /month fee that my clients pay for this service. You will get this service for free.
  6. I will forward your computer’s relevant notifications to you. Nobody else will get to see your computer’s reports.
  7. You must take action to resolve issues after receiving your Watchman monitoring report from me.
  8. You can avoid paying anything at all by troubleshooting your computer’s reported issues, all on your own.
  9. I will connect to your computer via my secure SOS remote-connect service if you request me to.
  10. I will charge you for my time, if you ask me to research an issue on your behalf.
  11. As a rule, I pay closer attention to notifications from my paying clients’ computers than free subscribers.
  12. I may not respond to your computer’s notifications immediately, if you are a free subscriber.
  13. Note that all unresolved issues continue to remain flagged on my Watchman monitoring dashboard. I find such flags distracting and want them to be resolved in a reasonable timeframe.
  14. Therefore, I will suppress your computer’s minor repetitive errors after discussing them with you.
  15. This step makes it easier for me to see new errors which need my attention.

Ready for free monitoring?

You should know by now if you like Watchman monitoring, so please contact me when you are ready. I will then respond via email with instructions about how to start your free subscription.