When your data is on the dark web

You have to act fast when your data is on the dark web. I.e., the part of the Web that is not indexed by web search engines.

We all read constantly about changing your passwords, to make them secure. But, can you act fast enough when required to change a password?

We are not usually informed about security breaches for a considerable time after they happen.

Dashlane lets you handle breaches

As a free Dashlane user, you will receive security alerts as needed. Whenever one of your accounts are breached, you are informed!

Free Dashlane users get notified about breached accounts.

As a premium Dashlane user, you will also benefit from dark web monitoring.

Dashlane scans the dark web for leaked personal data associated to your accounts. When your email addresses are found on the dark web, you get alerted.

How to get dark web alerts?

  1. Create a Dashlane account if you are not already a user.
  2. Put all your online accounts into your Dashlane password manager.
  3. If you are a premium user, set up dark web monitoring.
  4. Dashlane will alert you about dark web issues, and tell you how to solve problems.

How soon after a breach will you know?

In reality, any breach is discovered well after it actually occurred. By the time you get alerted, the breach could be months old.

Dashlane considers your password compromised if it has not been changed since the date of the breach.

They also determine if any of your other accounts use the same or similar passwords. Those passwords are then also considered compromised. Until you change all your affected passwords, Dashlane will continue to alert you to take action.

What are dark web alerts exactly?

Only premium Dashlane users receive dark web monitoring alerts.

Dark web scans look for your personal information, on the dark web. You can specify up to five email addresses for Dashlane to be looking out for.

Data is bought and sold on the dark web by hackers and spammers. Whenever your data is out there, a personalized alert will tell you!

It will come with details of what was found and tell you to change the passwords for your affected accounts.

Dark web monitoring may also turn up passwords you have not stored in Dashlane. Put differently, Dashlane inform you if any of your passwords are found on the dark web.

Hopefully you can then identify and secure the accounts to which they belong. Once you do that; use Dashlane to secure those accounts for you. Dashlane can generate and remember strong, a unique password for each one.

Dashlane’s Identity Dashboard

It is Dashlane‘s one-stop screen to focus your attention where needed most. This is the place where you can see your compromised accounts, all in one place.

It is not difficult to update any account’s password from within Dashlane if you are an experienced user. You will probably not agree at first with this claim if you are a new user.

Use any password manager!

If you don’t look after your passwords, expect them to be for sale on the dark web. Identity theft is seldom investigated because it is expensive to undertake. The odds of solving identity theft crimes are slim.

The password manager you use is up to you. They are all very similar and usually free. The paid ones give you more features. For instance, you cannot you synchronize passwords to multiple devices with the free versions.

If you have questions about Dashlane in particular, please contact me.

If you want to pay for my time, I could help you to install a password manager after you download Splashtop SOS.

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