Implemented by Mr. IT Consulting Inc.

The specific page or website you were trying to visit has been blocked!.

Various apps on your device are constantly accessing the Internet in the background, so this may not be the result of anything that you did wrong.

If you believe you should not have been blocked CLICK/TAP HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL TO ME, then mention WHEN you were blocked, and WHAT YOU WANTED TO ACCESS at the time you were blocked.

Any additional information you provide may assist me in figuring out why you were blocked, sooner rather than later. Once we understand why it happened, we can then decide together if I should unblock your access to the resource which you were blocked from accessing.

If you don’t even know why this very page would have popped up, then it may be possible that your device is attempting to access a blacklisteddomain stealthily (for nefarious reasons), such as a cyber criminal’s command and control centre or a rogue webpage.

The most obvious reasons why network filtering policies would block you is when it suspects that your device to be engaged in activities related to Botnets, Cryptomining, Malware, Phishing & Deception, or Proxy & Filter Avoidance.

Other reasons could include your interactions with resources which include topics which you may have instructed me to block for you, such as Abortion, Adult Content, Alcohol & Tobacco, Dating & Personals, Drugs, Gambling, Hacking & Cracking, P2P & Illegal, Terrorism & Hate and Weapons — to name a few.

It may be desirable to keep some benign policies in place if they block potentially dangerous connections to hidden attack vectors. Such policies may be keeping your device from becoming compromised, or from “even more” of your personal information being exfiltrated.

It is not my job to police anyone’s morality, but I work with clients to make their time online as productive and safe as possible.

Norman Atterbury